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Hotcakes Commerce 03.02.02 is Here!

New Hotcakes Commerce Release

Our team has been working hard at delivering the next great release of Hotcakes Commerce.  We primarily focused on some updates that both our support clients and the community really wanted.  We’re very happy to announce that version 03.02.02 is ready for you and it brings with it some very popular updates.

Hotcakes Commerce is an open-source e-commerce CMS that's built to make e-commerce easier for everyone on your team. When you use Hotcakes, your online business is almost instantly future-proof - flexible enough to grow with the future success of your business.

Community Contributions

First and foremost, we’d like to thank the following people for contributing to this release.  It wasn’t only our team.  We have some passionate community members as well!  Huge kudos go to:

Hotcakes Commerce 03.02.02 Updates

There were a total of 12 updates in this release, but those 12 updates are made up of 38 commits by 4 different people.  You can read more about the individual release updates in the Hotcakes Commerce 03.02.02 official release notes.  

Get Hotcakes Commerce Now

Regardless to whether you’re using the CMS or module version of Hotcakes Commerce, you can find the package you need on the Hotcakes Commerce download page.  If you need any of the supplemental downloads (e.g., example order workflow, viewset solutions, etc.), you’ll find those on the same page, just below the main download area.

Download Hotcakes Commerce

Free 14-Day No Obligations Hotcakes Cloud Trial

If you’d simply like to kick the tires and see what the fuss is about, feel free to use our no obligation free 14-day trial.

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