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Our training division can help your team come up-to-speed on anything. Our team will help yours by providing personalized training in the way that you need: in-person, online, videos, and documentation. We can even provide technical support services, and we also have a mentor program.

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We love building things for you. Whether it's an app, website, or anything else - our creative spirit will bring your project to life like no one else. Our development team specializes in systems integration, websites and apps. Our sweet spot for you would be anything CMS or e-commerce.

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We help you think through business problems or we can augment your team. Our consulting division can help your business get that little extra done. Our consulting services range anywhere from marketing, to brainstorming sessions, and even running day-to-day operations.

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Looking for Hotcakes Commerce?

We're the official services provider for Hotcakes Cloud and SLA-backed support.
If you're looking for help with Hotcakes, look no further.  You've found the Hotcakes experts.

Upendo's Hotcakes Services