CEO & Founder: Will Strohl

Leader, Author, Technologist

Since 1997

Will Strohl, CEO and Founder, Upendo Ventures

Proven Leader of Great Teams

More Than 20 years of professional experience building websites and apps!

Will Strohl has led companies before, including Strohl Site Design & Hotcakes Commerce. Will has also led world-class teams to greatness - some of which have landed on the Inc 5000 list. He's even led teams informally, helping open source communities to grow to more than 1 million worldwide. Now he's excited to bring his longtime vision to you - helping other businesses change people's lives using technology, via Upendo Ventures.


Quantifiable (In)Tangibles

Here's a few of the other things that Will has done:

  • 40+ Worldwide Conference Presentations
  • 35+ Open Source Products
  • 7+ Years DNN MVP
  • 3 Books (authored & technical editing)
  • 2 E-Books (technical editing)
  • 2 User Groups Founded
  • 1 Conference Keynote Speech
  • 1 World-Wide Conference Founded
  • 1 Magazine Article (authored)

About Will Strohl

Will Strohl is an author and technologist in the San Francisco area. During his career, Will has held positions ranging from Help Desk Technician to being the CEO & Co-Owner at Hotcakes Commerce ( He even spent a few years at DNN Corp where he ran the evangelism, training, and sales engineering departments. Today, Will is the founder and CEO of Upendo Ventures, providing software development, training, and technical consulting to companies around the world.

We believe that when you approach everything that you do from a place of love and integrity, only great things can happen.

Will Strohl, Founder & CEO Upendo Ventures

I wanted to build a company that I always wanted to work for.

Will Strohl, Founder & CEO Upendo Ventures

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Inspired by Love... Dedicated to Honoring a Legacy & Memory.

This company's mission and Will's purpose is dedicated to
honoring the values and memory of the late Sabrina Wall.


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