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Upendo Ventures Is Excited to Welcome Hotcakes Commerce Customers

Upendo Ventures Loves Hotcakes Commerce

When I founded Upendo Ventures, it was in my heart to build a business that mirrors my values and how I believe we should all treat each other as human beings.  For anyone that knows me, you’ll know that this train of thought has been at the core of everything I’ve ever done – including those menial tasks that none of us love to do.  This was also reflected in my hard work with Hotcakes Commerce, where I loved helping to make e-commerce easier for everyone.  With Hotcakes going open source, it begs the question, “Where and how will I get support now?”  For anyone that’s enjoyed or been interested in the Hotcakes Cloud, you’ll have this and other similar questions.

Why Hotcakes, at Upendo?

Our team here at Upendo is made up of the same people that have been working day in and day out on Hotcakes Commerce for over three years now.  If you’ve ever interacted with Hotcakes in the past, you interacted with us.  We were directly working on every commercial release since version 1.  We are the people that responded to all of your community posts and support requests in the past.  Whenever you read anything on the Hotcakes website or documentation area, we did that.  Our team is just sitting beneath a different umbrella now.  Basically, we’re the very experts you’re looking for if you’re interested in anything related to Hotcakes Commerce.  We’ve enjoyed the honor of serving all of you that love Hotcakes over the years.  So it only makes sense that we keep doing it.

Hello, Hotcakes!

With there no longer being a commercial version of Hotcakes, you’ll need to find a way to get the information you need when implementing and using Hotcakes.  You have three ways to do that today. 

First, you can download the source code and figure it out yourself.  We’ve done that ourselves countless times while serving our clients over the years.  However, this takes plenty of time and a certain amount and type of experience.

Second, you can post your questions in the official Hotcakes community forums.  This is a great option, and we’ll always suggest that everyone does this to their level of comfort.  As with any community though, you’ll be hoping that someone replies within your desired timeframe, and with the answers you’re actually looking for. 

Hotcakes Community Forums

The next option is to purchase an SLA with Upendo Ventures.  When you have an SLA with us, you’ll have instant access to a support portal where you can contact our team with any questions that you may have.  You get to leverage our unique knowledge gained over several years of professionally managing the commercial version of Hotcakes Commerce.

Hotcakes Commerce On Premise SLA by Upendo Ventures

What Can You Expect Moving Forward?

We’ve been product managers for Hotcakes and several other products over the years.  You can expect us to bring that same level of professionalism and passion to our SLA and Cloud products.  Our Cloud clients have already enjoyed our rock solid cloud infrastructure for over a year now, and our complimentary upgrade service.  All Hotcakes clients over the years have enjoyed our customer-first approach to support.  Our roadmap for these products in the future include specialized modules for your Hotcakes website that help you get support faster, resolve issues more consistently, and get more detailed Hotcakes error reports easier.  We are very excited to bring you these additional benefits as soon as we can.

Now that you know the scoop, please, sit back and relax.  Get started with your Hotcakes Cloud or On Premise SLA plan today.  Let us do the dirty work for you so you can worry more about growing your business, and less about maintenance of your e-commerce website.

Free 14-Day Hotcakes Cloud Trial

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Will StrohlFounder & CEO
Upendo Ventures
Overall, Will has nearly 20 years of experience helping website owners become more successful in all areas, including mentoring, website development, marketing, strategy, e-commerce, and more.

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