Love. Integrity. Employees First.

We love what we do, and we approach everything with love first.

“We believe that when you approach everything that you do from a place of love and integrity, only great things can happen.” - Will Strohl, Founder & CEO, Upendo Ventures

Love - The Story Behind Upendo Ventures

Upendo Ventures was founded by Will Strohl to embrace the values and honor the memory of the loss of his soulmate. This is evident in everything that we do. Our logo clearly reflects her silhouette, with the curls signifying the three short years that they were together. Her nickname was Nala, which means “gift” in Swahili. Upendo means “love” in the same language. The logo includes her favorite color, and a complementary color from the Lion King movie, where her nickname came from.


Integrity is something you can lose so easily, but is incredibly difficult to build. We approach everything we do from an integrity-first perspective. We say what we mean, and our actions back that up. There are no surprises to our employees or our clients.

Employees First


I wanted to build a company that
I always wanted to work for.

Will Strohl, Founder & CEO, Upendo Ventures

Happy employees make happy clients. Our happy clients will, in turn, have their own happy customers.

The software services industry is full of churn-and-burn agencies – caring far more about the bottom line than the people who are charged with delivering success to their clients. All software services are done by people, for other people. When you show compassion and love to employees, they’re happy.