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Upendo Ventures Will Be at DNN Summit 2018 in February

Will Strohl giving a keynote speech at Southern Fried DNN 2013

DNN Summit has a long history.  It’s grown a lot since 2009, when I first founded the Day of DotNetNuke conference.  Back then, I used to speak at pretty much every user group and conference I could get to.  I love public speaking.  I love helping people learn something new – or better – helping inspire people to try something they may have never before considered.  I took about 2 years off from speaking, and now… I’m back!  I’ll be speaking at DNN Summit!

It’s an honor to be chosen to speak at any conference, and after having taken a such a long break from speaking and still going to these DNN-centric events, it’s a great feeling to be selected to come back and speak again.  I didn’t make it easy for the selection committee to say no though.  I submitted nearly 10 sessions!  (Have you read the 10x Rule book yet?)

Thank You DNN Association!

Over the years, DNN Summit was Day of DotNetNuke, Day of DNN, WebConnections, Southern Fried DNN, DNNCon, and now it’s DNN Summit.  Before I go any further, I must thank the organizers and people involved in the DNN Association for their time, dedication, and overall efforts to ensure that the DNN community has a way and a place to learn, inspire, and grow together.  If you meet any of these folks, please buy them a drink, shake their hand, and tell them thanks.

What is DNN Summit?

DNN Summit 2018DNN Summit is a conference that welcomes people from all walks of life and around the world to come together to learn about the latest trends in website development, CMS, e-commerce, and more.  There’s of course a strong focus on DNN too. After all, that’s in the name.

One of the many things that are unique with DNN Summit is that our open source community really knows how to have a good time.  From the planning and execution of the conference itself, to everything we do while we’re there – you’re certain to have a blast.  In fact, many of us lovingly refer to this conference as a family reunion.

What is Hotcakes Commerce?

Hotcakes CommerceHotcakes Commerce is an open source enterprise-ready e-commerce CMS that's built to make e-commerce easier for everyone on your team.  When you use Hotcakes, your online business is future-proof - flexible enough to grow with the success of your business.

Developing Using Hotcakes Commerce 3.0

The session that I was chosen to present this year will introduce DNN’s latest open source contribution and only enterprise-ready e-commerce solution, Hotcakes Commerce – the world’s only open source e-commerce CMS.  In this session, we’ll get to know Hotcakes Commerce a bit more, but then dive right into the most common extension points that make Hotcakes such an amazing e-commerce solution.  At the end of this session, you’ll walk away confident that Hotcakes can handle nearly any e-commerce scenario you throw at it, but you’ll also have all of the basic knowledge you need to immediately begin building your own e-commerce store.

Can’t Get Enough?

There’s so much more to talk about that can’t fit into a typical conference session time slot.  I look forward to speaking to anyone before and after my presentation to help you even more.

What Are Your Ideas?

This is a session that I’ve kind of given in the past, but things have since been improved and changed a bit since then.  So I definitely have an idea of what and how I’m going to present.  I definitely want to get your feedback though.  What are your ideas?  What do you want to see in this session?  Let’s chat about it in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Oliver Hine

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