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5 Reasons You Should Always Purchase a Support Plan

Upendo Ventures: 5 Reasons You Should Always Purchase a Support Plan

Support can be called different things, including maintenance.  When using software, many people opt to not buy the optional support provided. However, there are many important reasons why one should not ignore purchasing a software support plan. 

Save Yourself Valuable Time

First, it saves time. All software will inevitably malfunction, and a lot of time could be spent troubleshooting the problem. It»s not a matter of if, but when.  In business, this could mean the loss of money. With a software support plan, the speedy and efficient troubleshooting services ensure that the problem is rectified quickly without incurring additional costs.  You don't have to spend time figuring things out.  You can rely on experts who have "seen it all."  

Get Correct Answers, Not Guesses (and Faster)

The second reason to buy a support plan is that it guarantees professional technical support. In case of a technical challenge, without a software support plan, one needs to look for help from Google or other online sources. However, the information on the random blog posts you find may not be accurate and may damage your software solution even further. A software support plan provides tailor-made solutions because it has experts who understand the software. 

Imagine how many hours, days, or weeks could be saved with a single support request, versus waiting for a response in a forum (likely after days of back-and-forth).  This alone is worth a support plan.  

Protect Your Installation

The third reason for purchasing software support is that it ensures the user has technical support for any installation issues. Installation is the single-most-important phase of any software task.  So, having technical support for installation and setup is very important. In case one installs software wrongly, it will not work as you expect. Therefore, productivity may reduce, and the software may not perform at an optimum level. Having technical support ensures that the software is installed correctly without any hitches.

Increase Productivity

The fourth reason is that software support helps to reduce workflow interruptions. When one has quick access to a support team, work can continue smoothly without any interruptions. Further, one can concentrate on work without any fear or worry about problems since they are assured of support. The software user can thus focus on the core of their business without wasting energy worrying about software hitches.  This is the age-old, "one-neck-to-choke" adage.  Let "the other guys" worry about it.  

Keep Updated (and Secure)

The last reason for purchasing a software support plan is that it provides essential updates. The software vendor is undoubtedly adding new features to the solution, which could significantly improve it for you and your team.  Software updates are crucial to keeping the software safe and more efficient. In case there is a need to upgrade the software, the support team will assist in this.  

In short, having a support or maintenance plan ensures that you and your most important business assets are protected, always up-to-date, fast, feature-rich, and there is always someone to turn to when the inevitable occurs.  

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