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Hotcakes Commerce Support Options

The Official Hotcakes Cloud & SLA Provider

We support the Hotcakes Commerce e-commerce CMS. Our team is the same that has been running Hotcakes since the beginning. No one has more experience than us. Your Hotcakes site is in good hands.


Purchase Support

If you're not a customer yet, you'll need an SLA or Hotcakes Cloud plan.

Support Portal

If you're already a support customer, you need to look no further.

Not Ready to Buy?

When your team needs help, but you're not ready to buy support.

What Does Support Cover?

No matter what, our team will always point you in the right direction. We've even been known to create an example project from time-to-time. Do you want to know the details? You'll find them in the official SLA by Upendo Ventures.

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Sponsored Enhancements

Sometimes you don't really need support, but you actually just need a feature added or prioritized right away.
Our team is ready to help you through sponsored enhancements.

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