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Own Your "Brand" and Promote Yourself

One of the internally debated things out there has to do with self-promotion.  For example, you may have thought once, "Should I just post this blog entry and leave it be, or should I post a link to it in my favorite forums and social sites as well?"  Jeff Blankenburg does a really good job of explaining why you should shamelessly promote yourself here. (referral credit to jbrinkman)

Jeff Blankenburg - 7 Steps to Shameless (Successful) Self Promotion

When I was in the Marine Corps, one of the things we learned about most often was leadership.  This is a quality that is difficult to teach.  In fact, I would argue that some folks just cannot be taught to be, or are incapable of being leaders. 

The following link talks about branding yourself as the ultimate IT Professional.  While it was an outstanding article, all I kept reading about was leadership.  One of the key principles to being a leader is to "know yourself, and seek self-improvement."  This article speaks to that a great deal, and can easily be translated into other professions. (referral credit to @jspurlin)

Brad M. McGehee - Become a More Successful IT Professional

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