What We Do: Hotcakes Commerce

E-Commerce for Everyone on Your Team

What is Hotcakes Commerce?

Hotcakes Commerce is an open source e-commerce CMS that's built to make e-commerce easier for everyone on your team.  When you use Hotcakes, your online business is almost instantly future-proof - flexible enough to grow with the success of your business.

In short, Hotcakes Commerce is the best DNN shopping cart available.

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Trust the Hotcakes Experts

Same people, new name.  Whenever you've had a support request placed, community question answered, phone call returned, or seen a new release come out - that was us.

Our team is partnered with Arrow Digital and it's the same team that's been running Hotcakes Commerce since the beginning.  We are years ahead of anyone else when it comes to Hotcakes knowledge from every perspective.


Official Services Provider

We're the official provider of the Hotcakes Cloud and On Premise SLA.  If you want to simply try Hotcakes without installing anything or have it in a managed cloud environment, our team will take good care of you.  Oh, and you'll be completely covered with our SLA-backed support plan.  You can get support even if you're not in the Hotcakes Cloud.

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Hotcakes Services

We can help you beyond the Hotcakes Cloud and support plans.  Having been the exclusive support provider, our team is well-versed in all kinds or use cases and scenarios with Hotcakes.  We can help you build your next store, review implementations, and more.  Just let us know what you have in mind. We're sure we can help!

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