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Hotcakes Commerce Developer Support HCCDEVSPT-REC

Product Details

$2,999.00 /year
$500.00 - 17% /year


When you're building a new Hotcakes Commerce site, you're creating all kinds of things, including additional extensions and other code-related implementation projects.  You could definitely post your code-related questions into the community forums.  If you want a qualified answer right away, from the very people that have been managing the product, this product is for you.  You can enjoy creating support requests that often involves hands-on or direct code support.  This is a perfect plan for service implementers, partners, and anyone aiming to make partner status.  We'll be your right hand (so to speak)!

Additional Details

Developer Support is priced per store front.  This server doesn't guarantee that your inquiries will always be 100% resolved for you, but we'll always point you in the right direction.

Some of the benefits you can include:

  • Code review
  • General solution architecture
  • Code samples
  • Other code-related support
  • Covers your entire team for a single store front/project

*** Additional storefronts require additional developer support plans.