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About Urbanite Suburbanite

Urbanite Suburbanite is style inspiration and wardrobe styling business, helping both individuals and companies alike raise the bar with their personal/professional style knowledge and comfort. Paul founded the company to spread his passion for helping all people have great style, no matter where they live. You don’t need to live in a city to be fashionable. Urbanite Suburbanite’s mission is to help you take the mystery out of looking good and make you feel good in your clothes.

  • Since Spring 2018

Project Description

"I am in expert hands with making website updates, and I have a partner/teammate in getting these things done. "

Paul JulchOwner, Urbanite Suburbanite

What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to working with Upendo?

Both knowledge about getting things done on my website & the time to do it.  Like my online presence was stagnating for a lack of ability and time to streamline my website & deal with issues.

How did overcoming that challenge make you feel?

Peace of mind - that I am in expert hands with making website updates, and that I have a partner/teammate in getting these things done. And also establishing a stream of work to update my site and keep it fresh and relevant.

What changed after working with Upendo?

More web traffic - biggest result! Also positive feedback from clients on the web experience.

What would you tell anyone considering working with Upendo?

Take something off of your plate! Give yourself time back to do the important things in your business and let the experts at Upendo handle the behind-the-scenes work.

I really enjoy having the Upendo team on retainer - knowing that we can re-prioritize as needed gives me peace of mind in establishing priorities and also dealing with emergencies.

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