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About SingleSource Lighting and Cleaning Supply

SingleSource Lighting and Cleaning Supply is based in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and they focus on providing the highest quality lighting and cleaning products with an exceptional customer experience.  Their goal is to support businesses and organizations by providing education, expertise, and the necessary supplies to keep your facility well lit, clean, and safe.  They strive to build a strong customer relationship by offering only the products you need with friendly, fast delivery.  Their belief is that a single source supplier can help your business or organization run more efficiently by eliminating multiple deliveries, lessening required bookkeeping, and streamlining purchasing.  By choosing SingleSource, you gain a new friend with a convenient, efficient procurement solution for saving you both time and money.

  • Since Spring 2017

Project Description

"Will and the team at Upendo are fantastic to work with.  Their support is phenomenal! "

Andrew VannestGeneral Manager, SingleSource Lighting and Cleaning Supply

We faced a huge challenge in finding an e-commerce platform that we could start out with on a relatively small capital outlay, and then grow with our small business.  It was frustrating trying to sort through all the claims and identifying future needs of the business in relations to the e-commerce solution.

After working with Hotcakes and Upendo, we found that you can design a fabulous web and e-commerce site for a small business that does not break the bank, and it can expand as the business grows.

We found that our customers were hesitant, at first, to purchase through the website.  After spending a few minutes walking them through the website and showing them the ease of navigation, they now almost exclusively order online.  This has streamlined some of our ordering processes and tasks, and it's reduced costs at the same time.

Will and the team at Upendo are fantastic to work with.  Their support is phenomenal!  Questions are answered promptly and they are always willing to help work through issues and make the platform better.

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