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Genesis Consulting has been servicing the MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing & Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Industry since 1981 with over 3,800 installations.  They continue to enjoy steady and solid growth in the MLM Software, Network Marketing Software, Direct Sales Software & Multi-Level Marketing Software Industry.  The computer background of management and staff spans over 85 years in the Network Marketing Software and MLM Software industry.  Since they are familiar with numerous computer operating systems, they have the expertise to develop an integrated or custom installation.

  • Since Summer 2021

Project Description

"Don't hesitate, Will and his team know their business and how to take you where you need to go. "

Dennis AsheOwner, Genesis Media Group

What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to working with Upendo?

Understanding how Microsoft Azure works.  It was frustrating since I had never worked with Azure before and there is a lot to learn with Azure.

How did overcoming that challenge make you feel?

I learned that working with Microsoft Azure was not as overwhelming as I originally thought.

What changed after working with Upendo?

I learned how to build a VM, how to create Snapshots then create duplicate OS and Data Disk from the Snapshots then how to create the VNET for the Server. Also, how to upgrade a VM to a more powerful VM in a matter of minutes.

What would you tell anyone considering working with Upendo?

Don't hesitate, Will and his team know their business and how to take you where you need to go.

On top of all of the other stuff, Will is a great guy.

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