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Accuraty is a small group of passionate individuals who believe work should be fun and that life's too short for bad websites.  We are a full-service website design, development, and hosting company specializing in solutions that make your job more efficient and effective.  We are in business to provide our clients with affordable, reliable web and app solutions that are flexible and highly customizable.  Whether you want your clients to be able to have a real-time view of your inventory, a photo or video gallery of your latest projects, or you just want to have a foothold in the internet, we can help you achieve it.

  • Since Spring 2014

Project Description

"My customers were very happy very soon after getting help from Upendo!! Do not wait. Engage. "

Jeremy FarranceOwner, Accuraty Solutions

It could be challenging to navigate the Hotcakes Commerce features and abilities, or even finding the right way to do something as well as the right place where it was even possible. One could feel frustrated or helpless.  I often had to each two bowls of Captain Crunch just to stop crying.

With Upendo's support, solid, useful answers arrived quickly.  Even when we didn't like the answers (e.g. can't do that), at least we could move forward.

My customers were very happy very soon after getting help from Upendo!!  Do not wait.  Engage.

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